Anti Vibration Pads Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Anti Vibration Pads Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Vishwaraj rubber industry manufactures quality anti vibration pads.Anti Vibration pads are basically used as shock preventer & used as base of machines.Ani vibration pads can also be used as anti vibration purpose. If you are searching for a product that will reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by your machineries then your product search ends here. Vishawaraj rubber Anti-Vibration Pads offers an ideal solution .Made from a combination of high quality rubber polymers and cork, this ideal combination ends up to make up a product that has excellent resistance to ageing, compression set, water & oil. Anti Vibration Pads are widely used in different industries like Refrigeration Plants , Compressors , Conveyors , Air Conditioning Plants, Diesel Generators , Business Machines , Fans.etc. Anti vibration pads are available in various options of solid cross-ribbed design and with variety of thickness of cork centers. Rubber Cork Anti Vibro pads are available in sizes of 458 mm x 458 mm ( 18" x 18") with a thickness of 22 mm (7/8"). Smaller size pads such as 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm square are also available. Cork center thickness can be varied as per customer specifications.

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