Diamond Base Mount Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Diamond Base Mount Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Vishwaraj Diamond Base Mounts are designed to provide superior attenuation of medium to high frequency vibration and noise emanating from a wide range of motor driven machines. For most machines that vibrate because of their rotating parts, such as Gen-Sets, Compressors, Combustion Engines, Fans, Generators, Mills, Paper Machines, Pumps, Printing Machines etc. The unique design provides high degree of isolation. Diamond Base Mounts are also suitable as a shock isolator for applications ranging from small equipment to big heavy duty machines for both active and passive vibrations. Applications :- Axial and Centrifugal Fans, Air Conditioning Equipments & Plants, Floating Floors, Generators, Mobile Equipments, Pumps, Rotary and Multi Cylinder Compressors, Business Machines, Combustion Engines, Mills, Paper Machines, Printing Machines etc.

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