Air Jack Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Air Jack Manufacturer in Ahmedabad


We are introducing ADVANCE Air jack product to achieve the lifting on a plat form to many years of problem free service lift. We ensure you that every single jack is coming with highest quality.

■ With a 2000 kg. Lifting capacity, the ADVANCE Air Jack offers a lowered height of 140 mm and a raised height of 400 mm.
■ Compact and lightweight, the ADVANCE Air Jack provides quick up and down positioning.
■ Features include an internal stabilizing cylinder for stable, solid positioning.
■Dual safety valves prevent both over-inflation and uncontrolled deflation.


• Lifting of vehicle will be accepted by only soft buttons with compact design and easily movable it can effectively reduce the intensity of labor.
• In a few seconds the vehicale can be lifted.
• Air Jacks is used without any lubricant. it is maintenance free.
• There is a safely valve built in air jack to avoid any damages.
• It can work with minimum height of 140 mm and Maximum height is 400mm.
• While Using the device, please observe the following indications.
• Never exceed the maximum load(2 tons)
• Never inflato in excess of the maximum air pressure(7 bar)
• Only use the advance air jack of lifting purpose,once lifted, use a suitable device to prop up the vehicle.
• Use Only on flat and Hard Surfaces.
• Always keep your hands well away from the jack pad.
• Lift the car only in the areas specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
• Only use the proper accessories provide by the manufacturer and or use an adapter.
• Don't use any sharp objects or any petroleum/chemical substance around jack. repturing/busting of air spring can cause failure of jack and leading possibly serious inquiry of operating personal.